Moxie for the shower

When you have a small bathroom, and there is little space for anything (besides your makeup and skincare routine items), this Wifi speaker in a shower head amps up the sound. Kohler is spot on with their bathroom fixtures so it’s not surprising that they have broadened what a fixture can do adding a wireless speaker!

It’s easy to assemble; within a short amount of time you can be moving and grooving to the sound of the beat, putting on your best karaoke style. ith Moxie the music is right above your head, making it easy to hear above the sound of the water spray, something not always possible with a system that is sitting on a counter top.

Streaming music along with the sound of flowing water is a fun way to get clean. You can even put on some Disney tunes for the little ones, giving them a good reason to stay in the shower and lather up.

This Kohler ‘Moxie’ Showerhead with Wireless Speaker costs about $199. You can also buy the Bluetooth speaker separately in colors like lime green, navy blue, red, retro blue or the standard white. Just $129 each so that every family member can preload their favorite playlists on their own Moxie, making them easier to tell apart!


Put this item on your shopping list for someone special at birthday or holiday time. Give the gift of music along with a good reason to make showering fun. Just remember to give yourself one too and soak up some tunes.

To read more about Moxie, click here.


Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1


Award-winning music writer Chrissie Dickinson joins us from Chicago with a pedigree too long to list, but you can read all about her at She’ll be contributing monthly playlists of her favorite tunes for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think!

The best country and Americana artists are masters at blending sparkling melodies, sing-along choruses, and great storytelling. It’s the kind of music that provides the perfect soundtrack for a rich and rewarding day, whether you’re puttering around the house on a Sunday afternoon, practicing your Pilates or kicking back in a comfortable chair with a glass of Chablis.

Here’s fun and a relaxing playlist that spans several decades, from Lynn Anderson’s 1970 country-pop hit “Rose Garden” to peak period Dwight Yoakam to new work from country-folk favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter. These selections feature gentle but compelling grooves and memorable vocals that resonate long after the final track.

Lucinda Williams “Passionate Kisses.”

Rick Nelson “Garden Party.”

Johnny Cash & June Carter “Jackson.”

Dwight Yoakam “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.”

Chris Stapleton “Traveller.”

Rosanne Cash “Seven Year Ache.”

Mary Chapin Carpenter “Something Tamed Something Wild.”

Willie Nelson “On the Road Again.”

Linda Ronstadt “Blue Bayou.”

Steve Earle & Shawn Colvin “You Were On My Mind.”

Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden.”

Richard & Linda Thompson “Dimming of the Day.”


Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​

I wanted to own the luscious Pryma headphones, hand made in Italy by luxury speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber the minute I laid eyes on them. Listening to a few tracks of my favorite music and we had a deal. The Prymas exude style and grace in the same way that other objects of desire from Italy set themselves apart from everything else. Sleek, smart, and beautiful, with an exquisite focus on mechanical and sonic detail, wearing a pair of these headphones will turn heads when you go by; I guarantee it!



The supple, hand stitched leather is so light and comfortable; it’s easy to forget that you even have them on. The buckle design of the headband works just like a belt, making them easy to adjust to your noodle. Click here to see the care that goes into every pair of Pryma headphones; you’ll be impressed.


Best of all, you can buy the headbands in different colors to suit your wardrobe. Whether you choose Marsala, coffee, black or dark gray, with other colors on the way, it’s all fabulous. A color change only costs $89, so you may want to add them all to compliment whatever you might be wearing. And when your male friends notice, tell them that for a slight upcharge they can get their own pair in racy carbon fiber.

The $499 price tag is so much less than the last pair of Italian shoes you bought, but I suspect you’ll be wearing these a lot more.

Watch this to see how they are made!

The making of Pryma Headphones by Sonus faber


Introducing Tub Tunes

If love makes the world go round then music is what keeps it moving!

A bubble bath is not complete without music, and your bathroom or changing area makes for a perfect listening room. Today’s technology offers multiple ways to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth or your wifi network so you can always groove to the beat of your favorite artist. Transport yourself via Tidal or Spotify to any mood you can imagine. Dim the lights, pump up the bubbles, and pour a glass of wine or soothing herbal water.


Ms. Bubble will bring you carefully curated music reviews and playlists for your enjoyment as well as walk you through the hardware you need to make your personal space a musical oasis! Stay tuned…



Goodbye Nightgown

Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do.

I just can’t say goodbye to my favorite nightgown.

About two years ago, my then boyfriend, gifted me with it, and I’ve been in love ever since; with both of them. This gray heather long chemise knit gown with a scoop neck is the most comfortable sleeping gown I have ever had. When the weather turns cooler, this classic remains the perfect repose for sleeping. So, you can imagine saying goodbye is not easy. I have noticed that it is starting to become thinner and the knit not quite as stretchy. It is time to say goodbye to a cherished gown.

Natori, famous for elegant lingerie is the designer behind this fantastic shape, and like all good designs, it is not out of style.  This Shangri-La Nightgown is the epitome of comfort, from the adjustable straps to the tea length. You feel beautiful and feminine and ready to tackle any hot night that comes your way. Made of 65% Modal (A natural fiber) and just enough poly to keep the shape intact.

Color is always the biggest dilemma. You can’t go wrong with a basic black gown, but then the pink is pretty too. Regardless of the color you choose, I guarantee that you will fall in love with this classic look.

Sizes range from x small to 2 x. No woman should be without this one.

The price is $78.00, with some colors on sale.

Natori Shangri-la Nightgown

(Order your nightgown here, help keep Ms. Bubble afloat)

shangri la

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Vitabath Plus

As the years go by and our skin changes, darn it all, so do the products that we use. Youthful skin possesses natural oils that give a radiance of youth with the elasticity that goes along with it. As we age, our skin’s natural oil production slows down, and our skin becomes dry. Although I still love to use Vitabath Spring Green, for the fragrance, bubble action and the nostalgia of those years gone by, Vitabath has a new product that offers skin softening and moisturizing benefits more suitable for ‘mature’ skin.

Vitabath plus

Imagine being in a pool of Jasmine blossoms, violets, and fresh musk. This gorgeous combination is floral and yet sexy. The bubbles last a long time, and you will feel not only amazingly clean but also soft. An added bonus is that it can also be used for shaving.

Vitabath Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee, Plus For Dry Skin is the kind of bubble bath you can use every day and not feel as though you need to save it for ‘special occasions.’ If you buy through Amazon, you can buy 32 oz. for $31.70. And with Amazon Prime, you can get free two-day shipping.

Vitabath Plus

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Bath Salt Soothes the Soul.

Mineral Bath Salt

Although I love bubble baths, I have to say that soaking in bath salts is a great way to relieve stress, and it softens your skin.

Not all bath salts are the same. My favorite is those from the San Francisco Salt Co. You can experience Minerva Dead Sea Salt, beautiful Sherpa pink Himalayan bath salts or one of their scented signature bath salts.

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is like going to an expensive spa. You get to relax in your environment turn up the tunes and soak away.



Speaking of floating, add some rubber ducks to the tub and you will always have company to listen to you sing along with your favorite tunes. Buy in quantity and gift a few to friends or find fun ways to display them. At less than $1.00 a duck, you can afford to be generous.

blue rubber duck.jpg

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is reasonable too. You just a toss handful of these jewels at a time, you save by buying 10 lbs for $36.00 in bulk. Find a fun way to store your bath salt to make it easy to use or check out these handy bamboo containers from San Francisco Salt Co.

Bamboo Bath Salt Containers


You can relax in your private environment enjoying a revitalizing bath filled with bath salts as you turn you up the “Tub Tunes” and soak away.