Support Breast Cancer Research

100% of Profit from Natori Blossom Bra will be Donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation


October has become the month of awareness for Breast Cancer. There are few that this devasting cancer has not touched. We can pass the word to our friends and family to remind them that Mamograms should be scheduled yearly. Even with research, there are far too many dying each year.


Natori has made the announcement that they will be donating 100% of the profits from the sales of the Blossom Bra in Rosy Pink to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What a wonderful way to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves with this beautiful bra, and in return contribute to such a worthy cause.

blossom-rpink.jpg This bra gives you a lift and is an open balconette for low tops or revealing necklines. I just placed an order for myself and cannot wait for it to arrive.

The cost is $72.00                                Rosy Pink/Hot Coral

Click the link below to order a Blossom Bra:


“It was the best of times…”

Tomorrow is a meeting with a friend from high school at a park to walk and talk. Jill is one of those friends that you may not be in constant contact with, yet when you do get together you pick up right where you left off.

It is the time of year as the new school year has begun that we turn our thoughts to those simpler times and being young and carefree.


This past month was my high school reunion, and like most of those in the past, I spent precious moments with those that meant the most to me. Life was not always easy even as a kid, but it was brighter with a little help from my friends that I was able to get through the tough times. Some people have always understood you, and there are those that stand by quietly judging. But beautifully those that do not know you and your heart are no longer important.


The difference this time in walking and talking with Jill is that we both have suffered the loss of loved ones, our parents. She just recently lost her mother, and I lost my father. After many discussions of the loss of boyfriends, children growing up, spouses leaving and now the departure of our beloved we still find something to be happy about and laugh. What is consistent in these conversations that we have every five years, is the ability to rise above the sadness and find the spot where we can go back to simpler timesit-was-the-best-of-times-it-was-the-worst-of-times-it-was-the-age-of-wisdom-it-was-the-age-of-foolishness-it-was-the-epoch-of-belief-it-was-the.png

Again, with a little help from your friends you can get by.


A Clarisonic Education






Loving the Skin You’re In.

Is beauty only skin deep?

Beautiful skin is a sign of health as well, and that is what we all desire to attain. Eating whole foods and watching your intake of the bad things (did I hear Doritos from the crowd) and deep cleansing is a must. We spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and yet when it comes to spending the same amount on our skin, we balk. It is similar to the thinking behind not buying beautiful lingerie. Although our underwear not visible from view, what we wear does make a difference in how we feel (confident) and how we look (well supported). Remember when your mother told you to wear good underwear just in case you ended up in the hospital? Putting your best skin forward will show the world that you take care of yourself from the inside out and with a little help from your Clarisonic. It reminds me of the days of working at Sephora in the skin care department and watching everyone shopping for the latest rage and colors in eye check and lip color. Once in a while someone would wander over and ask me what I would suggest for a good skin care product. My first question was always “Do you own a Clarisonic?” If they did, I’d congratulate them and ask them what type of cleanser they were using. The best way to achieve beautiful skin is with a good skincare regime.14425278_10154617119084673_4587712534729433934_o


There probably isn’t anything as crucial to maintaining beautiful skin, than to invest in a Clarisonic. The prices vary from $110. For the essential Mia 1, to the Smart Profile, that is from head to toes, for $299. Definitely on my Christmas list this year.

For about two years I’ve used a Mia 2 and have seen a significant change in my skin. It’s smoother and blemish free. Before using this and the Obagi skincare program, I had cystic acne. Using the Mia changed my life for the better and today my skin doesn’t need camouflage. The beauty of Clarisonic is that it can be used with your regular cleanser to remove dead skin and any trace of makeup. This device removes 6X the amount of debris as using your hands or a washcloth. The good news is that it is gentle on your skin and tugs much less on delicate tissue.

You can match the brush head to your skin type needs to be replaced every three months. This brush heads cost about $12. 00 for two. You can choose brush heads geared to your specific skincare needs. What’s great is that now men can also keep their skin looking great too. I love the Alpha Fit for men. Although guys don’t always take the time to pamper their skin, this is a fast, efficient way for them to exfoliate.


If you have a Clarisonic, then let us know what you think. At the end of this post is room for comments and we would love to hear from you.

Ms. Bubble Bubble Rate:





Lavenders Blue (dilly dilly)

Remember the nursery rhyme “Lavenders blue Dilly-dillly, Lavender green If I were king Dilly-dilly I’d need a queen.” Well you can be queen, not just for the day but for the night too.


Drop some lavender oil into your bath, and immerse into a pool of water that is bound to help you sleep and relax. One of the best essential oils around is Sonoma Lavender, grown and produced in one location. This family owned business cultivates their lavender on five acres of land. You can choose from essential oil, bubble bath and beautiful soaps. These valuable beauty items are just the beginning of the realm that Sonoma Lavender reaches.

sct_lavenderbouquet  sonoma-lavender-slipppers

Imagine donning a pair of cozy Lavender slippers that can be chilled (for the summer) or heated (for the winter)? You can also choose a neck warmer that is so comfy;you may just nod off to sleep before reaching the bed.


Induce in a fragrance that has been around for centuries.

Check out the exclusive offers at Nordstrom or go directly to Sonoma Lavender.


Sonoma Lavender





Washington D.C. Fall

Just a word or two about your nails.


No other part of your body is more visible than your hands. We use them to do everything, and I do mean everything. People stop and look at our hands when we talk, as it is sometimes a diversion from looking directly into your eyes. How your nails look says a lot about the person. So, what do they find? Take a look at your hands right now?

Do you see carefully cared for nails and cuticles? Have your hands been softened with hand lotion? Or do you see neglected paws? Although it may not be possible to visit a nail salon often, it is a treat the offers you not only service but relaxation.

With Gels and Shellacs, the visits can be stretched 2 to 3 weeks, and your nail will not chip or crack. The colors are the full range including metallic and sparkles. You can also apply this product to your toes for a longer wearing pedicure. So many salons offer special treatments that will leave you feeling like a princess.

If you want to select your color before your salon visit, I recommend visiting Opi.com
OPI Washington D.C. Fall
You can try on different colors as well as learn about the newest rage in nails.

Fabulous Skin Care Tips to Transition Into Fall


Your skincare routine is a lot like your wardrobe…it should change according to the seasons.  Just like a pair of jeans, one moisturizer or body cleanser doesn’t fit all!  Here are TerraNova‘s tips for transitioning your skin care and body care routine from late summer heat to early autumn chill :

Moisturize! During the summer, a light weight body lotion may work for you, particularly if you have oilier skin.  However, in the autumn, you might want to consider switching to something that offers more hydration like a bath & body oil, body creamor body butter.

BRb8WL0vqDsbO7nDJ6sHEO4vJwAFkoSFaAWCf2v5M7E TerraNova’s Silky Body Oils provide non-greasy, lightweight hydration.

A body oil can help enhance the quality of your skin during fall/winter months because they soak quickly and deeply into skin, leaving it moisturized all day long.  While lotions and creams provide moisture, as we age, your skin’s ability to retain moisture…

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Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

The perfect way to end the weekend is in a warm bubble bath with a soft candle flickering, listening to “AirStream” by The Pat Metheny Group. Suddenly you have been whisked away to 1979, all courtesy of the Oppo Sonica.

The Sonica is a beautifully designed, self-contained music system that makes pairing with my smartphone (it works equally well with Ios and Android phones) or iPad via Bluetooth a snap, once you download the free Sonica app from Google Play or the iTunes store. The app will guide you through Bluetooth or WiFi setup, whichever you prefer. Be sure to have your network password handy if you choose the network option. When complete, the flashing light on top turns solid white, and you’re ready to listen. Those of you a bit more old school can even plug your favorite music device straight in via the Aux input. Should you have a cache of favorites on a USB stick, just plug it in the back and rock out.

I love the ease of TIDAL’s music service, offering over 25 million different tracks to stream, download or just peruse. At $9.99 a month, it’s much less than a latte a day, offering whatever music fits your mood at your fingertips.

The Sonica is the perfect size for the bathroom and can easily be integrated to anywhere in the house you go. Without taking up a lot of space, you can fill up the room with unbeatable bass and tone for only $299. I like the sound of that!


More information about the Sonica is listed here.

Oppo Sonica



Reunion Ready


Getting ready for a class reunion brings anxiety of all kinds. You save the date, know it is coming, and yet somehow you’re still not prepared. What dress to wear, what shoes and how you will wear your hair. One of the most important key elements to feeling like you are not overly done up and looking younger is taking a few minutes for your skin.

Obagi’s Exoderm eliminates dead skin cells that make your complexion look dull. So, rather than spending time and money on all the expensive peels and lasers, this will get you through the night. I like to add Obagi’s Clear as the next step before moisturizers and makeup. You will see immediate results, and this is using only two of the products that they have to offer.

Give yourself plenty of time to relax, take a bubble bath and conjure up some of the names of your classmates and take a look at their pictures on Facebook so that you will recognize them when you see them. By the time you get to the reunion, you will look relaxed and as if you just stepped out of a spa.

So here’s to another hallmark class get together!


You don’t have to be like Peggy Sue!


Moxie for the shower

When you have a small bathroom, and there is little space for anything (besides your makeup and skincare routine items), this Wifi speaker in a shower head amps up the sound. Kohler is spot on with their bathroom fixtures so it’s not surprising that they have broadened what a fixture can do adding a wireless speaker!

It’s easy to assemble; within a short amount of time you can be moving and grooving to the sound of the beat, putting on your best karaoke style. ith Moxie the music is right above your head, making it easy to hear above the sound of the water spray, something not always possible with a system that is sitting on a counter top.

Streaming music along with the sound of flowing water is a fun way to get clean. You can even put on some Disney tunes for the little ones, giving them a good reason to stay in the shower and lather up.

This Kohler ‘Moxie’ Showerhead with Wireless Speaker costs about $199. You can also buy the Bluetooth speaker separately in colors like lime green, navy blue, red, retro blue or the standard white. Just $129 each so that every family member can preload their favorite playlists on their own Moxie, making them easier to tell apart!


Put this item on your shopping list for someone special at birthday or holiday time. Give the gift of music along with a good reason to make showering fun. Just remember to give yourself one too and soak up some tunes.

To read more about Moxie, click here.



Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1


Award-winning music writer Chrissie Dickinson joins us from Chicago with a pedigree too long to list, but you can read all about her at www.chrissiedickinson.com. She’ll be contributing monthly playlists of her favorite tunes for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think!

The best country and Americana artists are masters at blending sparkling melodies, sing-along choruses, and great storytelling. It’s the kind of music that provides the perfect soundtrack for a rich and rewarding day, whether you’re puttering around the house on a Sunday afternoon, practicing your Pilates or kicking back in a comfortable chair with a glass of Chablis.

Here’s fun and a relaxing playlist that spans several decades, from Lynn Anderson’s 1970 country-pop hit “Rose Garden” to peak period Dwight Yoakam to new work from country-folk favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter. These selections feature gentle but compelling grooves and memorable vocals that resonate long after the final track.

Lucinda Williams “Passionate Kisses.”

Rick Nelson “Garden Party.”

Johnny Cash & June Carter “Jackson.”

Dwight Yoakam “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.”

Chris Stapleton “Traveller.”

Rosanne Cash “Seven Year Ache.”

Mary Chapin Carpenter “Something Tamed Something Wild.”

Willie Nelson “On the Road Again.”

Linda Ronstadt “Blue Bayou.”

Steve Earle & Shawn Colvin “You Were On My Mind.”

Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden.”

Richard & Linda Thompson “Dimming of the Day.”



Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​

I wanted to own the luscious Pryma headphones, hand made in Italy by luxury speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber the minute I laid eyes on them. Listening to a few tracks of my favorite music and we had a deal. The Prymas exude style and grace in the same way that other objects of desire from Italy set themselves apart from everything else. Sleek, smart, and beautiful, with an exquisite focus on mechanical and sonic detail, wearing a pair of these headphones will turn heads when you go by; I guarantee it!



The supple, hand stitched leather is so light and comfortable; it’s easy to forget that you even have them on. The buckle design of the headband works just like a belt, making them easy to adjust to your noodle. Click here to see the care that goes into every pair of Pryma headphones; you’ll be impressed.


Best of all, you can buy the headbands in different colors to suit your wardrobe. Whether you choose Marsala, coffee, black or dark gray, with other colors on the way, it’s all fabulous. A color change only costs $89, so you may want to add them all to compliment whatever you might be wearing. And when your male friends notice, tell them that for a slight upcharge they can get their own pair in racy carbon fiber.

The $499 price tag is so much less than the last pair of Italian shoes you bought, but I suspect you’ll be wearing these a lot more.

Watch this to see how they are made!

The making of Pryma Headphones by Sonus faber