B & W’s Luxurious Zeppelin

For many, the word Zeppelin either recalls the unfortunate airship from 1937 or the epic band from the 1970s. Change that word in your dictionary- the Zeppelin from British speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is nothing but a fun machine. Now in its third generation, this wireless wonder brings you the best in Wi-Fi speakers with a touch of class in design.

For those of you not familiar with the brand, B&W has spent decades developing speakers for your living room that are crystal clear and well defined. Their top of the line speakers is used in England’s legendary Abbey Road studios to produce many of the albums you know and love. Thanks to WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth access, streaming music from Spotify or Tidal, your Bluetooth and AirPlay just got easier.

What impressed me the most when I visited the B&W factory in England this year was the care and commitment given to each their products. From the manufacturing floor to the design room, each employee is proud of the end creation. I saw the first Zeppelin as well as the current version side by side. I fell in love with the elegance of the white version (also available in black) you see here. I knew that it would be a perfect addition to our home; sleek and smart. The decorative mesh speaker grille blends with the smooth rear surface and looks at home with any décor, perhaps even beside a bathtub.


Counterintuitive electronic devices have no place in my world. The rear of the Zeppelin has a big button with the universal on/off symbol, and once you plug it in and power up, pairing with your smartphone takes a total of about 30 seconds. When you have it right, the small, LED embedded in the Bowers & Wilkins logo glows a soft blue. Once finished music selections and volume is all controlled by your smart device.

I resisted the urge to play “Stairway to Heaven,” for obvious reasons, yet Paul McCartney’s “1985” always makes me smile and shows off the prodigious performance the Zeppelin provides. Of course, I’m purchasing the review sample, and that white beauty now sits desk side to accompany me while working every day. No matter where you decide to place yours, you’ll be proud to show it off. Kudos to Bowers & Wilkins for combining music and technology in such an artistic way.

Cozy time of year!

_13340717Flannel pajamas get a bum rap for being ‘unsexy.’ There isn’t anything more sexy than a woman who is comfortable, warm and cozy. When the temperatures go down and the nights become longer, you don’t need to wait for bedtime to put on your favorite jammies. You will find that flannel conforms to your body and the more you wear it, the more comfortable they become. Gone are the oh so dull motifs of the past. Today you can wear some of the fun schemes created by PJ Salvage. Take a look at the line up at Nordstroms for instance. I love the themes that have strategic meaning like, sheep that are knitting or Flamingos in different poses. Not juvenile yet can bring out the kid in you.


Take a clue from the changing leaves and temperature. Cozy up with a brand new pair of flannels and a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. By the way, why not slip a beautiful panty and bralette underneath. Cosabella comes to mind when you want sexy and comfortable at the same time. When you get hot at night, either because of heat, or intensity you’ll be covered. #Cosabella
320x50 Fall 2016 Collection: Treats

If you haven’t heard of PJ Salvage, check them out and have some fun. Why stop with just one order? There are lots of fun Christmas themes and let’s face it; December 25th is just around the corner. #PJ Salvage

PJ Salvage at Nordstroms


P.S. Don’t forget to make a steaming cup of hot cocoa, from Hershey’s. This original recipe is the best.

Hershey’s Hot Cocoa


Rain, Rain Go Away

At a time that the change of seasons mean a little more rain, and in the Pacific Northwest that interprets to a lot more; taking a warm bath seems appropriate. Reflect back to a time when things were more simple, and the choice of bath products a little more limited, and remember Neutrogena Rainbath.


Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel, Original, 16 Fl. Oz

This shower/bath gel has a clean, just rained scent that is suitable for anyone and everyone. You can again use this for shaving as well as bathing. I love the simplicity of using a pump and the consistency of applications.

For those of you with dry skin Rainbath has conditioners that soothe and soften.


If you love the scent, you may want to also try Terranova’s Rain.
Terranova’s Rain Perfume Essence is a combination of green clover, lily of the valley and musk. The remarkable result is clean and sensuous. Although it’s not a usual feat to dance in the rain, you may feel as if you have done just that when you wear this scent.
Terranova Rain Perfume Essence 0.3 fl oz Rollette Bottle

Don’t stop with the perfume, layer again with Rain Lotion and Deodorant. You will feel fresh and ready to meet the day, or prolong the night. To go off the beaten path in the area of lotions, try Rain Remedy Lotion. You can apply this cream to anywhere on your body that is dry. Including nails, hands, feet and even your hair frizzies. I love the fact that this can be used by everyone in the family and is an easy way to control dryness wherever you may find it.

“Terranova Tip: Slip on a pair of socks after applying cream to feet before bedtime for an ultra moisturizing foot treatment! ”


Although the seasons won’t change for months again, and the weather is inclement you can still take a few extra moments out to enjoy a bit of Mother Nature from the confines of your bathroom. So let it rain, when you surround yourself with the fresh scent, you won’t be saying “Rain rain go away.”

A Mu-so muse

Muse: A person who inspires artistic expression.

Naim’s Mu-So QB does exactly that. This gorgeous compact system is an inspiration to listening to music; its elegant design and dramatic lighting captivate you before you even begin to play music.


Recently chosen by EISA as their Compact System of the Year, the Mu-So QB has the technological heart to back up its magical soul. A pair of pistonic bass drivers on the left and right side of the cube will have you discoing around the bathroom (or wherever you choose to place it) before you know it. Just to get a little bit retro, I was streaming some tunes from my past, and with a little help from TIDAL, I was a dancing queen once again. Beep, beep!

Ms. Bubble’s six top disco faves (click on the link to stream in TIDAL)



Donna Summer – Bad Girls



The Trammps – Disco Inferno



Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive



Chic – Le Freak



Ohio Players – Skin Tight


KC and the Sunshine Band – Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty



This miniature masterpiece has an ambiance about it that feels like a quiet candlelit café in Paris. Except, when you turn this little beauty on you get everything but quiet. By just touching a lit button, a swirl of light finds your Bluetooth and instantly you are connected. The soft light that emanates from the Mu-So QB provides a beautiful experience. All that’s missing is the disco ball.

Should the orange you see here on the outside, not be to your liking, other grilles are available in red, blue, and black. I suggest them all, in case your mood or décor should change.naimaudio_mu-so_qbPriced at $995, you can find one at finer HiFi stores that carry the Naim brand.


#Naim, #Mu-So QB


Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Terranova presents valuable information from the Mayo Clinic on lowering the risk of Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and TerraNova will be be joining forces to fight breast cancer with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF) to continue their mission of Helping Women Now® by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services.

2016-tn-breast-cancer-awareness-banner_retail_1600x575_rd-2-1Proceeds from purchases of TerraNova’s Tuberose Collection & White Ginger Collection will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (10/1/16-10/31/16)

Although some things like family history can’t be changed, certain changes in lifestyle have been shown to decrease breast cancer risk even in high-risk women.  Here are some tips to lower your risk from The Mayo Clinic:

  • Limit alcohol intake – Based on research done between the link to alcohol consumption and breast cancer, the general recommendation is to limit yourself to limit yourself to less than 1 drink a day.
  • Don’t smoke – There is increasing evidence that suggest that…

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Support Breast Cancer Research

100% of Profit from Natori Blossom Bra will be Donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation


October has become the month of awareness for Breast Cancer. There are few that this devasting cancer has not touched. We can pass the word to our friends and family to remind them that Mamograms should be scheduled yearly. Even with research, there are far too many dying each year.


Natori has made the announcement that they will be donating 100% of the profits from the sales of the Blossom Bra in Rosy Pink to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What a wonderful way to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves with this beautiful bra, and in return contribute to such a worthy cause.

blossom-rpink.jpg This bra gives you a lift and is an open balconette for low tops or revealing necklines. I just placed an order for myself and cannot wait for it to arrive.

The cost is $72.00                                Rosy Pink/Hot Coral

Click the link below to order a Blossom Bra:

“It was the best of times…”

Tomorrow is a meeting with a friend from high school at a park to walk and talk. Jill is one of those friends that you may not be in constant contact with, yet when you do get together you pick up right where you left off.

It is the time of year as the new school year has begun that we turn our thoughts to those simpler times and being young and carefree.


This past month was my high school reunion, and like most of those in the past, I spent precious moments with those that meant the most to me. Life was not always easy even as a kid, but it was brighter with a little help from my friends that I was able to get through the tough times. Some people have always understood you, and there are those that stand by quietly judging. But beautifully those that do not know you and your heart are no longer important.


The difference this time in walking and talking with Jill is that we both have suffered the loss of loved ones, our parents. She just recently lost her mother, and I lost my father. After many discussions of the loss of boyfriends, children growing up, spouses leaving and now the departure of our beloved we still find something to be happy about and laugh. What is consistent in these conversations that we have every five years, is the ability to rise above the sadness and find the spot where we can go back to simpler timesit-was-the-best-of-times-it-was-the-worst-of-times-it-was-the-age-of-wisdom-it-was-the-age-of-foolishness-it-was-the-epoch-of-belief-it-was-the.png

Again, with a little help from your friends you can get by.