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Better than Tea Bags

Recently, Derm fillers have been introduced to hide dark circles and lines under your eyes. Eeks! The thought of a needle going into an eye socket is not appealing. The next option is coverup! As like many things, the project of covering this area has been lifelong. Even as a kid, there was a ‘dark shadow’. As a teenager or young adult, using any … Read More Better than Tea Bags


Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones: crème de la crème

If you have experienced the noise involved in air travel these days (screaming kids, loud mouthed adults), then you have contemplated the beauty of shutting them all out and enjoying your flight. Noise canceling headphones are always an option, but not always optional. Bowers Wilkins P7 wireless headphones may just be the answer to literally blocking unwanted noise out. These headphones come in an … Read More Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones: crème de la crème


TerraNova Continues 46 Years of Trend-Scenting with Earth Inspired Skin Care

TerraNova Continues 46 Years of Trend-Scenting with Earth Inspired Skin Care  New Patchouli Glycerin Soap Expands on Company’s Hippie-Chic Aroma Made Popular in the 70’s ? TerraNova’s Patchouli Glycerin Soap Bar is formulated with 100% vegan base & essential oils. San Francisco, CA – February  27, 2017 – TerraNova continues with their tradition of peace, love and happy scents with the introduction of their…


Bathing, Japanese Style

Bathing in Japan is a leisurely, ritual that is not hurried. In America, we tend to prefer the quickness of a morning shower. We miss out on the tension relief that only a soak in a deep tub can offer Although public bathhouses are not accessible here as they are in Japan, we can recreate the same type of experience in our own home. … Read More Bathing, Japanese Style

Oprah’s Pick

“We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.” —Britt Nicole When you hear that it’s an inside job, it is. Regardless of whether we are speaking of how we see life and think, but also how we look to the outside world. We spend more time and money on our outside appearance that we neglect … Read More Oprah’s Pick


Cozy time of year!

Flannel pajamas get a bum rap for being ‘unsexy.’ There isn’t anything more sexy than a woman who is comfortable, warm and cozy. When the temperatures go down and the nights become longer, you don’t need to wait for bedtime to put on your favorite jammies. You will find that flannel conforms to your body and the more you wear it, the more comfortable … Read More Cozy time of year!


Washington D.C. Fall

Just a word or two about your nails.   No other part of your body is more visible than your hands. We use them to do everything, and I do mean everything. People stop and look at our hands when we talk, as it is sometimes a diversion from looking directly into your eyes. How your nails look says a lot about the person. … Read More Washington D.C. Fall

Fabulous Skin Care Tips to Transition Into Fall

Your skincare routine is a lot like your wardrobe…it should change according to the seasons.  Just like a pair of jeans, one moisturizer or body cleanser doesn’t fit all!  Here are TerraNova‘s tips for transitioning your skin care and body care routine from late summer heat to early autumn chill : ? Moisturize! During the summer, a light weight body lotion may work for…

Reunion Ready

Getting ready for a class reunion brings anxiety of all kinds. You save the date, know it is coming, and yet somehow you’re still not prepared. What dress to wear, what shoes and how you will wear your hair. One of the most important key elements to feeling like you are not overly done up and looking younger is taking a few minutes for … Read More Reunion Ready


Moxie for the shower

When you have a small bathroom, and there is little space for anything (besides your makeup and skincare routine items), this Wifi speaker in a shower head amps up the sound. Kohler is spot on with their bathroom fixtures so it’s not surprising that they have broadened what a fixture can do adding a wireless speaker! It’s easy to assemble; within a short amount … Read More Moxie for the shower


Never say Never

After you have had a relaxing bubble bath, what is the first thing you put on? Please tell me your favorite lingerie. If it is not something, you love and feel comfortable in, do yourself a big favor and get rid of it. Instead, think about how you like to feel. We tend to forget that what we wear underneath our clothes is just … Read More Never say Never


Take care of the skin you are in.

Clear ageless skin can be yours by keeping dry skin away. You can use a skin brush like Clarisonic that rotates and exfoliates, or you can choose a Medical Skincare product like Obagi. At one time in my life, I suffered from Adult Acne and tried everything. Dry skin was one of the culprits causing this. My skin care consultant suggested that I tried … Read More Take care of the skin you are in.