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Summertime with the JBL Everest 300 Headphones means the Living is Easy

Summer isn’t complete without attending an outdoor concert surrounded by people of like music mind. If you are like most of us, the weekend comes and goes, and a lot of great music events are just out of our reach. Either because of other obligations, location or finances we miss out on this indulgence. What better way to get the beat on than with … Read More Summertime with the JBL Everest 300 Headphones means the Living is Easy


B & W’s Luxurious Zeppelin

For many, the word Zeppelin either recalls the unfortunate airship from 1937 or the epic band from the 1970s. Change that word in your dictionary- the Zeppelin from British speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is nothing but a fun machine. Now in its third generation, this wireless wonder brings you the best in Wi-Fi speakers with a touch of class in design. For those … Read More B & W’s Luxurious Zeppelin

A Mu-so muse

Muse: A person who inspires artistic expression. Naim’s Mu-So QB does exactly that. This gorgeous compact system is an inspiration to listening to music; its elegant design and dramatic lighting captivate you before you even begin to play music.   Recently chosen by EISA as their Compact System of the Year, the Mu-So QB has the technological heart to back up its magical soul. A … Read More A Mu-so muse


Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

The perfect way to end the weekend is in a warm bubble bath with a soft candle flickering, listening to “AirStream” by The Pat Metheny Group. Suddenly you have been whisked away to 1979, all courtesy of the Oppo Sonica. The Sonica is a beautifully designed, self-contained music system that makes pairing with my smartphone (it works equally well with Ios and Android phones) … Read More Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room


Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1

  Award-winning music writer Chrissie Dickinson joins us from Chicago with a pedigree too long to list, but you can read all about her at She’ll be contributing monthly playlists of her favorite tunes for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think! The best country and Americana artists are masters at blending sparkling melodies, sing-along choruses, and great storytelling. It’s the … Read More Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1

Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​

I wanted to own the luscious Pryma headphones, hand made in Italy by luxury speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber the minute I laid eyes on them. Listening to a few tracks of my favorite music and we had a deal. The Prymas exude style and grace in the same way that other objects of desire from Italy set themselves apart from everything else. Sleek, smart, … Read More Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​


Introducing Tub Tunes

If love makes the world go round then music is what keeps it moving! A bubble bath is not complete without music, and your bathroom or changing area makes for a perfect listening room. Today’s technology offers multiple ways to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth or your wifi network so you can always groove to the beat of your favorite artist. Transport yourself via Tidal … Read More Introducing Tub Tunes