Cozy time of year!

_13340717Flannel pajamas get a bum rap for being ‘unsexy.’ There isn’t anything more sexy than a woman who is comfortable, warm and cozy. When the temperatures go down and the nights become longer, you don’t need to wait for bedtime to put on your favorite jammies. You will find that flannel conforms to your body and the more you wear it, the more comfortable they become. Gone are the oh so dull motifs of the past. Today you can wear some of the fun schemes created by PJ Salvage. Take a look at the line up at Nordstroms for instance. I love the themes that have strategic meaning like, sheep that are knitting or Flamingos in different poses. Not juvenile yet can bring out the kid in you.


Take a clue from the changing leaves and temperature. Cozy up with a brand new pair of flannels and a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. By the way, why not slip a beautiful panty and bralette underneath. Cosabella comes to mind when you want sexy and comfortable at the same time. When you get hot at night, either because of heat, or intensity you’ll be covered. #Cosabella
320x50 Fall 2016 Collection: Treats

If you haven’t heard of PJ Salvage, check them out and have some fun. Why stop with just one order? There are lots of fun Christmas themes and let’s face it; December 25th is just around the corner. #PJ Salvage

PJ Salvage at Nordstroms


P.S. Don’t forget to make a steaming cup of hot cocoa, from Hershey’s. This original recipe is the best.

Hershey’s Hot Cocoa


Goodbye Nightgown

Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do.

I just can’t say goodbye to my favorite nightgown.

About two years ago, my then boyfriend, gifted me with it, and I’ve been in love ever since; with both of them. This gray heather long chemise knit gown with a scoop neck is the most comfortable sleeping gown I have ever had. When the weather turns cooler, this classic remains the perfect repose for sleeping. So, you can imagine saying goodbye is not easy. I have noticed that it is starting to become thinner and the knit not quite as stretchy. It is time to say goodbye to a cherished gown.

Natori, famous for elegant lingerie is the designer behind this fantastic shape, and like all good designs, it is not out of style.  This Shangri-La Nightgown is the epitome of comfort, from the adjustable straps to the tea length. You feel beautiful and feminine and ready to tackle any hot night that comes your way. Made of 65% Modal (A natural fiber) and just enough poly to keep the shape intact.

Color is always the biggest dilemma. You can’t go wrong with a basic black gown, but then the pink is pretty too. Regardless of the color you choose, I guarantee that you will fall in love with this classic look.

Sizes range from x small to 2 x. No woman should be without this one.

The price is $78.00, with some colors on sale.

Natori Shangri-la Nightgown

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shangri la

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The Best is Underneath

In 1987 when The Best is Underneath opened it’s doors the world was much different. Madonna’s hit “Who’s That Girl”played on the radio and women bravely donned their lingerie as outer apparel peeking underneath their blazers. Petticoats were being flaunted as skirts and hosiery with garters made a comeback and were being worn again as in the 40’s and 50’s. It was a great time to be a girl as the lingerie store was stocked with luscious silks, pieces of cotton and gorgeous lace.


Enter 1992 and garage bands (think Nirvana and Pearl Jam) conceived the Grunge Look. Flannel shirts and messy looks took center stage and yet lingerie and dreamy bath products were still in demand and underneath it all, women still wanted to feel pretty.

Since those decades much has changed and yet inside each of us is that 20 or 30 years old that still exists. We are the baby boomers, children of the Great Generation and we’ve lived through a few wars, seen bras burned and displayed, married/divorced, had children/adopted, children have flown the coop only to come back again all to arrive at this destination. It is our turn now.

So although the store doors are now virtual, I invite each of you to become an important part of this community. Stroll through these pages, sip on some tea jam on some tub tunes and let Ms. Bubble inspire you.


Never say Never

After you have had a relaxing bubble bath, what is the first thing you put on?

Please tell me your favorite lingerie. If it is not something, you love and feel comfortable in, do yourself a big favor and get rid of it. Instead, think about how you like to feel. We tend to forget that what we wear underneath our clothes is just as important as what we wear for the world to see. Women spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on designer clothes that go out of style and are not comfortable. The best designs for comfort and style come from Italy.



Clothes look better when you feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing underneath.  Cosabella an Italian brand offers a signature stretch lace proven to provide comfort and beauty. You may be the only one to know what you are wearing, yet you will be exhuming confidence as nothing underneath shows. No more panty lines that can ruin even the most stylish of clothes. By the way, Cosabella means, beautiful thing.

never say never cosabella


My favorite is the Never Never say, Papyrus bootie thong. You can pair it with an adorable matching bra for total no show effect. For hot summer nights, or just warm nights (can I hear it from the menopause group?), you will keep your cool. You’re never too old to be comfortable, ‘stylish’ and sexy.

Comfy P.J.’s


There isn’t anything quite as nice as slipping into a pair of comfy pajamas after you have soaked in the tub. There are plenty of different fabrics to sleep in, cotton, silk and an array of knits. When it comes to comfort, which is conducive to sleeping pajamas that move with you is the best way to go. Soma has the best “Cool Night” fabric for those of us experiencing ‘hot’ nights. Not only does the fabric breathe, but it also is so soft you forget you have anything on at all. Once you become introduced to these beautiful pajamas, you will be hooked.



What’s a robe to do?


I love the old fashioned chenille robes that were worn by our mom’s in the 50’s and 60’s. These pieces of nostalgia were spread with various motifs, always textured and tufted. You can still buy these artful robes through the Canyon Group. The Canyon Group




After a bath, a lush terry cloth robe absorbs all the excess water. Believe it or not, IKEA has an incredible white terry robe for only $39.90. It comes in S/M or L/XL. Even after washing it retains its shape, which is amazing for 100% cotton.Ikea Spa Robe



Hanky Panky

The year was 1990 and Madonna was hot, hot. Wearing lingerie as an outside accessory seemed taboo and out of the box. This lady helped change that Victorian thinking and as a result, lingerie was not just an inside statement. As a lingerie store “The Best is Underneath” found that women wanted to be more like Madonna and less like their mom. The album “Hanky Panky” had hit the charts and the lingerie manufacturer Hanky Panky was featuring their stretch signature lace thongs and bralettes.



Thong or no thong? Hanky Panky has the softest lace that is no panty line. Although thongs may not be your choice of an everyday panty, there are times you need the no-line look. Once you discover the comfortableness of these thongs, you may never go back to wearing regular panties again.