Beautiful Bath Bombs on a Budget

Ms.Bubble believes that bath bombs make bathing fun and relaxing. It’s one of the life’s pleasures that is simple as well as indulgent, Money doesn’t grow on trees, and spending $8. to $10 on one gorgeous bomb from Lush may not be on the grocery list this week. No, you don’t have to go without, if you do a little shopping around you can find the best deals in sometimes the most unusual places.

CRAFT WAREHOUSE is a fun store filled with ‘crafts’ of course, but also ideas on creating fun projects. Finding an array of bath bombs was a pleasant surprise. There are lots of fragrance combinations like “Black Raspberry Vanilla,” “Kiss Me” and “Petal Dance.” The “Honeysuckle” is a beautiful maize color that transports you back to the time you picked these sweet petals full of honey as a kid. Although these bombs don’t float on the water, you will derive just as much pleasure as you would spending twice the amount of money. You can buy 3 of these bombs for $10.

Expose the bath bombs from their wrapper and let the scent permeate the air. Good things come in small packages, and these little gems are definitely worth a trip to the craft store. You never know what else might inspire you to create as you gather up a piece of tranquility wrapped up in cellophane.



“Kiss me”


Rain, Rain Go Away

At a time that the change of seasons mean a little more rain, and in the Pacific Northwest that interprets to a lot more; taking a warm bath seems appropriate. Reflect back to a time when things were more simple, and the choice of bath products a little more limited, and remember Neutrogena Rainbath.


Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel, Original, 16 Fl. Oz

This shower/bath gel has a clean, just rained scent that is suitable for anyone and everyone. You can again use this for shaving as well as bathing. I love the simplicity of using a pump and the consistency of applications.

For those of you with dry skin Rainbath has conditioners that soothe and soften.


If you love the scent, you may want to also try Terranova’s Rain.
Terranova’s Rain Perfume Essence is a combination of green clover, lily of the valley and musk. The remarkable result is clean and sensuous. Although it’s not a usual feat to dance in the rain, you may feel as if you have done just that when you wear this scent.
Terranova Rain Perfume Essence 0.3 fl oz Rollette Bottle

Don’t stop with the perfume, layer again with Rain Lotion and Deodorant. You will feel fresh and ready to meet the day, or prolong the night. To go off the beaten path in the area of lotions, try Rain Remedy Lotion. You can apply this cream to anywhere on your body that is dry. Including nails, hands, feet and even your hair frizzies. I love the fact that this can be used by everyone in the family and is an easy way to control dryness wherever you may find it.

“Terranova Tip: Slip on a pair of socks after applying cream to feet before bedtime for an ultra moisturizing foot treatment! ”


Although the seasons won’t change for months again, and the weather is inclement you can still take a few extra moments out to enjoy a bit of Mother Nature from the confines of your bathroom. So let it rain, when you surround yourself with the fresh scent, you won’t be saying “Rain rain go away.”

A Mu-so muse

Muse: A person who inspires artistic expression.

Naim’s Mu-So QB does exactly that. This gorgeous compact system is an inspiration to listening to music; its elegant design and dramatic lighting captivate you before you even begin to play music.


Recently chosen by EISA as their Compact System of the Year, the Mu-So QB has the technological heart to back up its magical soul. A pair of pistonic bass drivers on the left and right side of the cube will have you discoing around the bathroom (or wherever you choose to place it) before you know it. Just to get a little bit retro, I was streaming some tunes from my past, and with a little help from TIDAL, I was a dancing queen once again. Beep, beep!

Ms. Bubble’s six top disco faves (click on the link to stream in TIDAL)



Donna Summer – Bad Girls


The Trammps – Disco Inferno


Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive


Chic – Le Freak


Ohio Players – Skin Tight


KC and the Sunshine Band – Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty


This miniature masterpiece has an ambiance about it that feels like a quiet candlelit café in Paris. Except, when you turn this little beauty on you get everything but quiet. By just touching a lit button, a swirl of light finds your Bluetooth and instantly you are connected. The soft light that emanates from the Mu-So QB provides a beautiful experience. All that’s missing is the disco ball.

Should the orange you see here on the outside, not be to your liking, other grilles are available in red, blue, and black. I suggest them all, in case your mood or décor should change.naimaudio_mu-so_qbPriced at $995, you can find one at finer HiFi stores that carry the Naim brand.

#Naim, #Mu-So QB


Lavenders Blue (dilly dilly)

Remember the nursery rhyme “Lavenders blue Dilly-dillly, Lavender green If I were king Dilly-dilly I’d need a queen.” Well you can be queen, not just for the day but for the night too.


Drop some lavender oil into your bath, and immerse into a pool of water that is bound to help you sleep and relax. One of the best essential oils around is Sonoma Lavender, grown and produced in one location. This family owned business cultivates their lavender on five acres of land. You can choose from essential oil, bubble bath and beautiful soaps. These valuable beauty items are just the beginning of the realm that Sonoma Lavender reaches.

sct_lavenderbouquet  sonoma-lavender-slipppers

Imagine donning a pair of cozy Lavender slippers that can be chilled (for the summer) or heated (for the winter)? You can also choose a neck warmer that is so comfy;you may just nod off to sleep before reaching the bed.


Induce in a fragrance that has been around for centuries.

Check out the exclusive offers at Nordstrom or go directly to Sonoma Lavender.


Sonoma Lavender




Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1


Award-winning music writer Chrissie Dickinson joins us from Chicago with a pedigree too long to list, but you can read all about her at She’ll be contributing monthly playlists of her favorite tunes for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think!

The best country and Americana artists are masters at blending sparkling melodies, sing-along choruses, and great storytelling. It’s the kind of music that provides the perfect soundtrack for a rich and rewarding day, whether you’re puttering around the house on a Sunday afternoon, practicing your Pilates or kicking back in a comfortable chair with a glass of Chablis.

Here’s fun and a relaxing playlist that spans several decades, from Lynn Anderson’s 1970 country-pop hit “Rose Garden” to peak period Dwight Yoakam to new work from country-folk favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter. These selections feature gentle but compelling grooves and memorable vocals that resonate long after the final track.

Lucinda Williams “Passionate Kisses.”

Rick Nelson “Garden Party.”

Johnny Cash & June Carter “Jackson.”

Dwight Yoakam “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.”

Chris Stapleton “Traveller.”

Rosanne Cash “Seven Year Ache.”

Mary Chapin Carpenter “Something Tamed Something Wild.”

Willie Nelson “On the Road Again.”

Linda Ronstadt “Blue Bayou.”

Steve Earle & Shawn Colvin “You Were On My Mind.”

Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden.”

Richard & Linda Thompson “Dimming of the Day.”


Vitabath Plus

As the years go by and our skin changes, darn it all, so do the products that we use. Youthful skin possesses natural oils that give a radiance of youth with the elasticity that goes along with it. As we age, our skin’s natural oil production slows down, and our skin becomes dry. Although I still love to use Vitabath Spring Green, for the fragrance, bubble action and the nostalgia of those years gone by, Vitabath has a new product that offers skin softening and moisturizing benefits more suitable for ‘mature’ skin.

Vitabath plus

Imagine being in a pool of Jasmine blossoms, violets, and fresh musk. This gorgeous combination is floral and yet sexy. The bubbles last a long time, and you will feel not only amazingly clean but also soft. An added bonus is that it can also be used for shaving.

Vitabath Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee, Plus For Dry Skin is the kind of bubble bath you can use every day and not feel as though you need to save it for ‘special occasions.’ If you buy through Amazon, you can buy 32 oz. for $31.70. And with Amazon Prime, you can get free two-day shipping.

Vitabath Plus

Ranked by Ms. Bubble:

Small-Bubble 3



Bath Salt Soothes the Soul.

Mineral Bath Salt

Although I love bubble baths, I have to say that soaking in bath salts is a great way to relieve stress, and it softens your skin.

Not all bath salts are the same. My favorite is those from the San Francisco Salt Co. You can experience Minerva Dead Sea Salt, beautiful Sherpa pink Himalayan bath salts or one of their scented signature bath salts.

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is like going to an expensive spa. You get to relax in your environment turn up the tunes and soak away.



Speaking of floating, add some rubber ducks to the tub and you will always have company to listen to you sing along with your favorite tunes. Buy in quantity and gift a few to friends or find fun ways to display them. At less than $1.00 a duck, you can afford to be generous.

blue rubber duck.jpg

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is reasonable too. You just a toss handful of these jewels at a time, you save by buying 10 lbs for $36.00 in bulk. Find a fun way to store your bath salt to make it easy to use or check out these handy bamboo containers from San Francisco Salt Co.

Bamboo Bath Salt Containers


You can relax in your private environment enjoying a revitalizing bath filled with bath salts as you turn you up the “Tub Tunes” and soak away.