TerraNova Continues 46 Years of Trend-Scenting with Earth Inspired Skin Care

‘There’s a little bit of a hippie in all of us. Especially on a day like today, the total eclipse. Peace.

TerraNova Continues 46 Years of Trend-Scenting with Earth Inspired Skin Care

 New Patchouli Glycerin Soap Expands on Company’s Hippie-Chic Aroma Made Popular in the 70’s

sb-265-12-c-2tTerraNova’s Patchouli Glycerin Soap Bar is formulated with 100% vegan base & essential oils.

San Francisco, CA – February  27, 2017 TerraNova continues with their tradition of peace, love and happy scents with the introduction of their pure Patchouli Glycerin Soap Bar formulated with a 100% vegan base and Traditions Patchouli Essential Oil which was made popular during TerraNova’s inception in Berkeley, CA and the height of the hippie movement in 1970.

Forty six years later, TerraNova continues to set the “bar” on naturally derived personal care with its exceptionally formulated Patchouli Glycerin Bar Soap that uses earth-friendly ingredients including pure patchouli essential oil, a rich woodsy scent with notes as sultry as they are sophisticated; and an unusually high concentration of vegetable…

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Bathing, Japanese Style

Bathing in Japan is a leisurely, ritual that is not hurried. In America, we tend to prefer the quickness of a morning shower. We miss out on the tension relief that only a soak in a deep tub can offer Although public bathhouses are not accessible here as they are in Japan, we can recreate the same type of experience in our own home.

The key to Japanese bathing is to clean before you enter the bath. If you have a separate shower, you can achieve this by installing a small wooden stool, and wooden slats for the floor. You’ll want a bucket of water (drawn from the tub) to scrub with a brush. At this time you would you use your soap and washcloth, getting as clean as you possibly can. The next step is to enter the bathtub.bath-and-body-works-sponge

A Japanese bath is deep and considered a soaking tub. You can add bath salt or bombs, but that is all. The object is to soak, relax and to meditate. Lighting can be low, either dimmed or with candles with incense in cherry blossom for the ambiance of Japan.






After soaking, then you return to the shower to clean again. Afterwards, you step back into the bathtub. This practice is repeated, and the result is the feeling of serenity, and your troubles wash down the drain.


Beautiful Bath Bombs on a Budget

Ms.Bubble believes that bath bombs make bathing fun and relaxing. It’s one of the life’s pleasures that is simple as well as indulgent, Money doesn’t grow on trees, and spending $8. to $10 on one gorgeous bomb from Lush may not be on the grocery list this week. No, you don’t have to go without, if you do a little shopping around you can find the best deals in sometimes the most unusual places.

CRAFT WAREHOUSE is a fun store filled with ‘crafts’ of course, but also ideas on creating fun projects. Finding an array of bath bombs was a pleasant surprise. There are lots of fragrance combinations like “Black Raspberry Vanilla,” “Kiss Me” and “Petal Dance.” The “Honeysuckle” is a beautiful maize color that transports you back to the time you picked these sweet petals full of honey as a kid. Although these bombs don’t float on the water, you will derive just as much pleasure as you would spending twice the amount of money. You can buy 3 of these bombs for $10.

Expose the bath bombs from their wrapper and let the scent permeate the air. Good things come in small packages, and these little gems are definitely worth a trip to the craft store. You never know what else might inspire you to create as you gather up a piece of tranquility wrapped up in cellophane.



“Kiss me”


Summertime with the JBL Everest 300 Headphones means the Living is Easy

Summer isn’t complete without attending an outdoor concert surrounded by people of like music mind. If you are like most of us, the weekend comes and goes, and a lot of great music events are just out of our reach. Either because of other obligations, location or finances we miss out on this indulgence. What better way to get the beat on than with a set of outstanding headphones that look, feel and sound as if you are grooving with the best of them.

The JBL Everest 300 is compact (folds to fit into your purse) and lightweight. The sound is amazing and transforms the listener into an experience that you would normally only get if you were sitting center stage in an arena. Big news is that they only cost $149.95, or simply put,  a month of lattes. The Blue tooth easily connects to your music source, and you can control the sound with just a small adjustment. The built in microphone is clear and picks up those calls if you don’t mind the interruption.

You’ll love the way the JBL Everest 300’s sound, look and feel. Wear them whenever you sense there’s just not enough music in your life. Whether moving to the music doing housework, yard work or no work at all. You can choose from Hot Pink, Red, Black, Blue or White. These are colors that pop and make wearing them almost as fun as listening to the music. The headphones are ergonomically designed to fit the unique contour of your ears. You’ll experience the unparalleled comfort that allows you to listen to your playlists longer and enjoy it more. Earbuds cannot compare to the level of sound and comfort that these beauties produce.

Wearing headphones says that you are enjoying music in a world of your own. Going to a concert can be fun, yet the privacy and solitude of listening to music in JBL Everest 300’s offer a private performance. That is unless you find a friend with a pair of JBL Everest 300’s to connect wirelessly. It’s nice to have that option, yet with or without a friend, you’ll still have fun. No matter where you go or what you are doing, #JBL, #headphones, #personallistening