Oprah’s Pick

“We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.”
—Britt Nicoleproject_image_icon_lemystere2

When you hear that it’s an inside job, it is. Regardless of whether we are speaking of how we see life and think, but also how we look to the outside world. We spend more time and money on our outside appearance that we neglect our lingerie. Besides being ‘lovely’ on the inside, changing how we think about our lingerie will make us look and feel better.

The year was 2003, and I had just begun working for Nordstrom in the Lingerie department. Regardless of having had my lingerie store, nothing prepared me for the nuance of fitting every shape and size of bra for women. Starting at AAA to GGG, Nordstrom gave me my first initial ‘correct’ way to fit.

It was during this time that Le Mystere 9955 Dream Tisha T-shirt Bra received rave reviews on the Oprah show as one of her “Favorite Things.” Suddenly the store could not keep up with the demands for this bra and the onslaught began. We took lists of names so that we could call clients as soon as their size arrived. The power of Oprah reached far and wide! The revolution had to do with a fit for most that they had never experienced before. Not only did their clothes fit better and more flattering, but they were much more comfortable. Suddenly life was transformed, and in the meantime, Le Mystere changed the way we thought about bras. Dream Tisha Bra #9955

These bras come in the widest range of sizes and designs allowing those that had in the past settled for nondescript/ boring lingerie, to stepping out into the prettiest of laces and fabrics. Regardless of size, they had a product that Oprah-approved. #Le Mystere

Today, Le Mystere goes beyond support with beautiful styles and fabrics. You will feel special just wearing this brand. You will feel pretty from the inside out.

300x250 LeMystere Essentials

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