B & W’s Luxurious Zeppelin

For many, the word Zeppelin either recalls the unfortunate airship from 1937 or the epic band from the 1970s. Change that word in your dictionary- the Zeppelin from British speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is nothing but a fun machine. Now in its third generation, this wireless wonder brings you the best in Wi-Fi speakers with a touch of class in design.

For those of you not familiar with the brand, B&W has spent decades developing speakers for your living room that are crystal clear and well defined. Their top of the line speakers is used in England’s legendary Abbey Road studios to produce many of the albums you know and love. Thanks to WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth access, streaming music from Spotify or Tidal, your Bluetooth and AirPlay just got easier.

What impressed me the most when I visited the B&W factory in England this year was the care and commitment given to each their products. From the manufacturing floor to the design room, each employee is proud of the end creation. I saw the first Zeppelin as well as the current version side by side. I fell in love with the elegance of the white version (also available in black) you see here. I knew that it would be a perfect addition to our home; sleek and smart. The decorative mesh speaker grille blends with the smooth rear surface and looks at home with any décor, perhaps even beside a bathtub.


Counterintuitive electronic devices have no place in my world. The rear of the Zeppelin has a big button with the universal on/off symbol, and once you plug it in and power up, pairing with your smartphone takes a total of about 30 seconds. When you have it right, the small, LED embedded in the Bowers & Wilkins logo glows a soft blue. Once finished music selections and volume is all controlled by your smart device.

I resisted the urge to play “Stairway to Heaven,” for obvious reasons, yet Paul McCartney’s “1985” always makes me smile and shows off the prodigious performance the Zeppelin provides. Of course, I’m purchasing the review sample, and that white beauty now sits desk side to accompany me while working every day. No matter where you decide to place yours, you’ll be proud to show it off. Kudos to Bowers & Wilkins for combining music and technology in such an artistic way.

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