Cozy time of year!

_13340717Flannel pajamas get a bum rap for being ‘unsexy.’ There isn’t anything more sexy than a woman who is comfortable, warm and cozy. When the temperatures go down and the nights become longer, you don’t need to wait for bedtime to put on your favorite jammies. You will find that flannel conforms to your body and the more you wear it, the more comfortable they become. Gone are the oh so dull motifs of the past. Today you can wear some of the fun schemes created by PJ Salvage. Take a look at the line up at Nordstroms for instance. I love the themes that have strategic meaning like, sheep that are knitting or Flamingos in different poses. Not juvenile yet can bring out the kid in you.


Take a clue from the changing leaves and temperature. Cozy up with a brand new pair of flannels and a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. By the way, why not slip a beautiful panty and bralette underneath. Cosabella comes to mind when you want sexy and comfortable at the same time. When you get hot at night, either because of heat, or intensity you’ll be covered. #Cosabella
320x50 Fall 2016 Collection: Treats

If you haven’t heard of PJ Salvage, check them out and have some fun. Why stop with just one order? There are lots of fun Christmas themes and let’s face it; December 25th is just around the corner. #PJ Salvage

PJ Salvage at Nordstroms


P.S. Don’t forget to make a steaming cup of hot cocoa, from Hershey’s. This original recipe is the best.

Hershey’s Hot Cocoa


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