Loving the Skin You’re In.

Is beauty only skin deep?

Beautiful skin is a sign of health as well, and that is what we all desire to attain. Eating whole foods and watching your intake of the bad things (did I hear Doritos from the crowd) and deep cleansing is a must. We spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and yet when it comes to spending the same amount on our skin, we balk. It is similar to the thinking behind not buying beautiful lingerie. Although our underwear not visible from view, what we wear does make a difference in how we feel (confident) and how we look (well supported). Remember when your mother told you to wear good underwear just in case you ended up in the hospital? Putting your best skin forward will show the world that you take care of yourself from the inside out and with a little help from your Clarisonic. It reminds me of the days of working at Sephora in the skin care department and watching everyone shopping for the latest rage and colors in eye check and lip color. Once in a while someone would wander over and ask me what I would suggest for a good skin care product. My first question was always “Do you own a Clarisonic?” If they did, I’d congratulate them and ask them what type of cleanser they were using. The best way to achieve beautiful skin is with a good skincare regime.14425278_10154617119084673_4587712534729433934_o


There probably isn’t anything as crucial to maintaining beautiful skin, than to invest in a Clarisonic. The prices vary from $110. For the essential Mia 1, to the Smart Profile, that is from head to toes, for $299. Definitely on my Christmas list this year.

For about two years I’ve used a Mia 2 and have seen a significant change in my skin. It’s smoother and blemish free. Before using this and the Obagi skincare program, I had cystic acne. Using the Mia changed my life for the better and today my skin doesn’t need camouflage. The beauty of Clarisonic is that it can be used with your regular cleanser to remove dead skin and any trace of makeup. This device removes 6X the amount of debris as using your hands or a washcloth. The good news is that it is gentle on your skin and tugs much less on delicate tissue.

You can match the brush head to your skin type needs to be replaced every three months. This brush heads cost about $12. 00 for two. You can choose brush heads geared to your specific skincare needs. What’s great is that now men can also keep their skin looking great too. I love the Alpha Fit for men. Although guys don’t always take the time to pamper their skin, this is a fast, efficient way for them to exfoliate.


If you have a Clarisonic, then let us know what you think. At the end of this post is room for comments and we would love to hear from you.

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