Washington D.C. Fall

Just a word or two about your nails.


No other part of your body is more visible than your hands. We use them to do everything, and I do mean everything. People stop and look at our hands when we talk, as it is sometimes a diversion from looking directly into your eyes. How your nails look says a lot about the person. So, what do they find? Take a look at your hands right now?

Do you see carefully cared for nails and cuticles? Have your hands been softened with hand lotion? Or do you see neglected paws? Although it may not be possible to visit a nail salon often, it is a treat the offers you not only service but relaxation.

With Gels and Shellacs, the visits can be stretched 2 to 3 weeks, and your nail will not chip or crack. The colors are the full range including metallic and sparkles. You can also apply this product to your toes for a longer wearing pedicure. So many salons offer special treatments that will leave you feeling like a princess.

If you want to select your color before your salon visit, I recommend visiting Opi.com
OPI Washington D.C. Fall
You can try on different colors as well as learn about the newest rage in nails.

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