Lavenders Blue (dilly dilly)

Remember the nursery rhyme “Lavenders blue Dilly-dillly, Lavender green If I were king Dilly-dilly I’d need a queen.” Well you can be queen, not just for the day but for the night too.


Drop some lavender oil into your bath, and immerse into a pool of water that is bound to help you sleep and relax. One of the best essential oils around is Sonoma Lavender, grown and produced in one location. This family owned business cultivates their lavender on five acres of land. You can choose from essential oil, bubble bath and beautiful soaps. These valuable beauty items are just the beginning of the realm that Sonoma Lavender reaches.

sct_lavenderbouquet  sonoma-lavender-slipppers

Imagine donning a pair of cozy Lavender slippers that can be chilled (for the summer) or heated (for the winter)? You can also choose a neck warmer that is so comfy;you may just nod off to sleep before reaching the bed.


Induce in a fragrance that has been around for centuries.

Check out the exclusive offers at Nordstrom or go directly to Sonoma Lavender.


Sonoma Lavender




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