Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

The perfect way to end the weekend is in a warm bubble bath with a soft candle flickering, listening to “AirStream” by The Pat Metheny Group. Suddenly you have been whisked away to 1979, all courtesy of the Oppo Sonica.

The Sonica is a beautifully designed, self-contained music system that makes pairing with my smartphone (it works equally well with Ios and Android phones) or iPad via Bluetooth a snap, once you download the free Sonica app from Google Play or the iTunes store. The app will guide you through Bluetooth or WiFi setup, whichever you prefer. Be sure to have your network password handy if you choose the network option. When complete, the flashing light on top turns solid white, and you’re ready to listen. Those of you a bit more old school can even plug your favorite music device straight in via the Aux input. Should you have a cache of favorites on a USB stick, just plug it in the back and rock out.

I love the ease of TIDAL’s music service, offering over 25 million different tracks to stream, download or just peruse. At $9.99 a month, it’s much less than a latte a day, offering whatever music fits your mood at your fingertips.

The Sonica is the perfect size for the bathroom and can easily be integrated to anywhere in the house you go. Without taking up a lot of space, you can fill up the room with unbeatable bass and tone for only $299. I like the sound of that!


More information about the Sonica is listed here.

Oppo Sonica


One thought on “Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

  1. Just of the great features that I have discovered is I can transport this little gem to the kitchen and office without a hassle. With the simple touch of my Bluetooth on my phone, I can listen to Itunes, Tidal or music I’ve downloaded. It sits amid my coffee pot as well as the computer monitor. I think that one in every room you frequent would be a ‘sound’ investment.


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