Moxie for the shower

When you have a small bathroom, and there is little space for anything (besides your makeup and skincare routine items), this Wifi speaker in a shower head amps up the sound. Kohler is spot on with their bathroom fixtures so it’s not surprising that they have broadened what a fixture can do adding a wireless speaker!

It’s easy to assemble; within a short amount of time you can be moving and grooving to the sound of the beat, putting on your best karaoke style. ith Moxie the music is right above your head, making it easy to hear above the sound of the water spray, something not always possible with a system that is sitting on a counter top.

Streaming music along with the sound of flowing water is a fun way to get clean. You can even put on some Disney tunes for the little ones, giving them a good reason to stay in the shower and lather up.

This Kohler ‘Moxie’ Showerhead with Wireless Speaker costs about $199. You can also buy the Bluetooth speaker separately in colors like lime green, navy blue, red, retro blue or the standard white. Just $129 each so that every family member can preload their favorite playlists on their own Moxie, making them easier to tell apart!


Put this item on your shopping list for someone special at birthday or holiday time. Give the gift of music along with a good reason to make showering fun. Just remember to give yourself one too and soak up some tunes.

To read more about Moxie, click here.


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