Month: September 2016

A Clarisonic Education


Loving the Skin You’re In.

Is beauty only skin deep? Beautiful skin is a sign of health as well, and that is what we all desire to attain. Eating whole foods and watching your intake of the bad things (did I hear Doritos from the crowd) and deep cleansing is a must. We spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and yet when it comes to spending the same amount … Read More Loving the Skin You’re In.


Lavenders Blue (dilly dilly)

Remember the nursery rhyme “Lavenders blue Dilly-dillly, Lavender green If I were king Dilly-dilly I’d need a queen.” Well you can be queen, not just for the day but for the night too. Drop some lavender oil into your bath, and immerse into a pool of water that is bound to help you sleep and relax. One of the best essential oils around is … Read More Lavenders Blue (dilly dilly)


Washington D.C. Fall

Just a word or two about your nails.   No other part of your body is more visible than your hands. We use them to do everything, and I do mean everything. People stop and look at our hands when we talk, as it is sometimes a diversion from looking directly into your eyes. How your nails look says a lot about the person. … Read More Washington D.C. Fall

Fabulous Skin Care Tips to Transition Into Fall

Your skincare routine is a lot like your wardrobe…it should change according to the seasons.  Just like a pair of jeans, one moisturizer or body cleanser doesn’t fit all!  Here are TerraNova‘s tips for transitioning your skin care and body care routine from late summer heat to early autumn chill : ? Moisturize! During the summer, a light weight body lotion may work for…


Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

The perfect way to end the weekend is in a warm bubble bath with a soft candle flickering, listening to “AirStream” by The Pat Metheny Group. Suddenly you have been whisked away to 1979, all courtesy of the Oppo Sonica. The Sonica is a beautifully designed, self-contained music system that makes pairing with my smartphone (it works equally well with Ios and Android phones) … Read More Oppo Sonica/Private Listening Room

Reunion Ready

Getting ready for a class reunion brings anxiety of all kinds. You save the date, know it is coming, and yet somehow you’re still not prepared. What dress to wear, what shoes and how you will wear your hair. One of the most important key elements to feeling like you are not overly done up and looking younger is taking a few minutes for … Read More Reunion Ready


Moxie for the shower

When you have a small bathroom, and there is little space for anything (besides your makeup and skincare routine items), this Wifi speaker in a shower head amps up the sound. Kohler is spot on with their bathroom fixtures so it’s not surprising that they have broadened what a fixture can do adding a wireless speaker! It’s easy to assemble; within a short amount … Read More Moxie for the shower


Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1

  Award-winning music writer Chrissie Dickinson joins us from Chicago with a pedigree too long to list, but you can read all about her at She’ll be contributing monthly playlists of her favorite tunes for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think! The best country and Americana artists are masters at blending sparkling melodies, sing-along choruses, and great storytelling. It’s the … Read More Tub Tunes Playlist No. 1

Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​

I wanted to own the luscious Pryma headphones, hand made in Italy by luxury speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber the minute I laid eyes on them. Listening to a few tracks of my favorite music and we had a deal. The Prymas exude style and grace in the same way that other objects of desire from Italy set themselves apart from everything else. Sleek, smart, … Read More Italian Style: Pryma Headphones​


Introducing Tub Tunes

If love makes the world go round then music is what keeps it moving! A bubble bath is not complete without music, and your bathroom or changing area makes for a perfect listening room. Today’s technology offers multiple ways to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth or your wifi network so you can always groove to the beat of your favorite artist. Transport yourself via Tidal … Read More Introducing Tub Tunes


Goodbye Nightgown

Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do. I just can’t say goodbye to my favorite nightgown. About two years ago, my then boyfriend, gifted me with it, and I’ve been in love ever since; with both of them. This gray heather long chemise knit gown with a scoop neck is the most comfortable sleeping gown I have ever had. When the weather turns … Read More Goodbye Nightgown