Bath Salt Soothes the Soul.

Mineral Bath Salt

Although I love bubble baths, I have to say that soaking in bath salts is a great way to relieve stress, and it softens your skin.

Not all bath salts are the same. My favorite is those from the San Francisco Salt Co. You can experience Minerva Dead Sea Salt, beautiful Sherpa pink Himalayan bath salts or one of their scented signature bath salts.

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is like going to an expensive spa. You get to relax in your environment turn up the tunes and soak away.



Speaking of floating, add some rubber ducks to the tub and you will always have company to listen to you sing along with your favorite tunes. Buy in quantity and gift a few to friends or find fun ways to display them. At less than $1.00 a duck, you can afford to be generous.

blue rubber duck.jpg

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is reasonable too. You just a toss handful of these jewels at a time, you save by buying 10 lbs for $36.00 in bulk. Find a fun way to store your bath salt to make it easy to use or check out these handy bamboo containers from San Francisco Salt Co.

Bamboo Bath Salt Containers


You can relax in your private environment enjoying a revitalizing bath filled with bath salts as you turn you up the “Tub Tunes” and soak away.



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