The Best is Underneath

In 1987 when The Best is Underneath opened it’s doors the world was much different. Madonna’s hit “Who’s That Girl”played on the radio and women bravely donned their lingerie as outer apparel peeking underneath their blazers. Petticoats were being flaunted as skirts and hosiery with garters made a comeback and were being worn again as in the 40’s and 50’s. It was a great time to be a girl as the lingerie store was stocked with luscious silks, pieces of cotton and gorgeous lace.


Enter 1992 and garage bands (think Nirvana and Pearl Jam) conceived the Grunge Look. Flannel shirts and messy looks took center stage and yet lingerie and dreamy bath products were still in demand and underneath it all, women still wanted to feel pretty.

Since those decades much has changed and yet inside each of us is that 20 or 30 years old that still exists. We are the baby boomers, children of the Great Generation and we’ve lived through a few wars, seen bras burned and displayed, married/divorced, had children/adopted, children have flown the coop only to come back again all to arrive at this destination. It is our turn now.

So although the store doors are now virtual, I invite each of you to become an important part of this community. Stroll through these pages, sip on some tea jam on some tub tunes and let Ms. Bubble inspire you.


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