Never say Never

After you have had a relaxing bubble bath, what is the first thing you put on?

Please tell me your favorite lingerie. If it is not something, you love and feel comfortable in, do yourself a big favor and get rid of it. Instead, think about how you like to feel. We tend to forget that what we wear underneath our clothes is just as important as what we wear for the world to see. Women spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on designer clothes that go out of style and are not comfortable. The best designs for comfort and style come from Italy.



Clothes look better when you feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing underneath.  Cosabella an Italian brand offers a signature stretch lace proven to provide comfort and beauty. You may be the only one to know what you are wearing, yet you will be exhuming confidence as nothing underneath shows. No more panty lines that can ruin even the most stylish of clothes. By the way, Cosabella means, beautiful thing.

never say never cosabella


My favorite is the Never Never say, Papyrus bootie thong. You can pair it with an adorable matching bra for total no show effect. For hot summer nights, or just warm nights (can I hear it from the menopause group?), you will keep your cool. You’re never too old to be comfortable, ‘stylish’ and sexy.

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