Bath Salt Soothes the Soul.

Mineral Bath Salt

Although I love bubble baths, I have to say that soaking in bath salts is a great way to relieve stress, and it softens your skin.

Not all bath salts are the same. My favorite is those from the San Francisco Salt Co. You can experience Minerva Dead Sea Salt, beautiful Sherpa pink Himalayan bath salts or one of their scented signature bath salts.

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is like going to an expensive spa. You get to relax in your environment turn up the tunes and soak away.



Speaking of floating, add some rubber ducks to the tub and you will always have company to listen to you sing along with your favorite tunes. Buy in quantity and gift a few to friends or find fun ways to display them. At less than $1.00 a duck, you can afford to be generous.

blue rubber duck.jpg

Treating yourself to a bath in bath salts is reasonable too. You just a toss handful of these jewels at a time, you save by buying 10 lbs for $36.00 in bulk. Find a fun way to store your bath salt to make it easy to use or check out these handy bamboo containers from San Francisco Salt Co.

Bamboo Bath Salt Containers


You can relax in your private environment enjoying a revitalizing bath filled with bath salts as you turn you up the “Tub Tunes” and soak away.



The Best is Underneath

In 1987 when The Best is Underneath opened it’s doors the world was much different. Madonna’s hit “Who’s That Girl”played on the radio and women bravely donned their lingerie as outer apparel peeking underneath their blazers. Petticoats were being flaunted as skirts and hosiery with garters made a comeback and were being worn again as in the 40’s and 50’s. It was a great time to be a girl as the lingerie store was stocked with luscious silks, pieces of cotton and gorgeous lace.


Enter 1992 and garage bands (think Nirvana and Pearl Jam) conceived the Grunge Look. Flannel shirts and messy looks took center stage and yet lingerie and dreamy bath products were still in demand and underneath it all, women still wanted to feel pretty.

Since those decades much has changed and yet inside each of us is that 20 or 30 years old that still exists. We are the baby boomers, children of the Great Generation and we’ve lived through a few wars, seen bras burned and displayed, married/divorced, had children/adopted, children have flown the coop only to come back again all to arrive at this destination. It is our turn now.

So although the store doors are now virtual, I invite each of you to become an important part of this community. Stroll through these pages, sip on some tea jam on some tub tunes and let Ms. Bubble inspire you.


Vitabath fly me away!

The original Vitabath Spring Green conjures up memories of 1981. After a long day of flying (from one hub city to the other as a young flight attendant) nothing was more refreshing than dipping into a tub full of bubbles with a tinge of green. My roommates that remember this are Deb Webb, Debi Esposito and Karen Haines. Our small studio apartment in Chicago became a day spa filled with the scent of spring.



Today, you can still buy this fabulous bubble bath that promises to relax, rejuvenate and restore.


Original Spring Green Vitabath

Summer Bomb

We can’t erase time, but we can make the damage to our skin through exposure to the sun and elements (age) less noticeable.   Jergens was founded in 1882 starting with a coconut soap specially formulated for hard water. They have been well known for their hand lotion and recently body care. Slathering on this lotion all over might mean using a lot, but the benefits are worth it and the price affordable.

For body care, this skin cream is “The Bomb”.


What is  BB cream?

BB cream is integrative as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. Our face is just a small percentage of our body, and yet we spend time and money on makeup and skincare while we neglect the majority of our anatomy. During the summer months when the weather is warm we wear fewer clothes and show much more skin.  Jergens Body Perfecting BB Cream

The BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream from  Jergens is a 5 in one lotion. With your skin tone in mind (Light and Dark tones) it hydrates, illuminates and after using for five days, it evens out skin tone, firms skin and minimizes imperfections.

bb body

Beautiful, perfect skin.

The magic of Green Tea – Amore Pacific

Green tea is good for your body as it provides amazing antioxidants, did you know that it is also good for your skin? The main ingredient in the Korean skincare products of Amore Pacific is Green Tea! The benefits of Green Tea on the skins surface is that it smoothes wrinkles.


Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil for Face and Eyes gently cleanses as it softens your skin and the effect is immediate. Some cleansers are too harsh to use as an eye makeup remover too, but this succulent oil melts it all away.

Amore Pacific




Never say Never

After you have had a relaxing bubble bath, what is the first thing you put on?

Please tell me your favorite lingerie. If it is not something, you love and feel comfortable in, do yourself a big favor and get rid of it. Instead, think about how you like to feel. We tend to forget that what we wear underneath our clothes is just as important as what we wear for the world to see. Women spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on designer clothes that go out of style and are not comfortable. The best designs for comfort and style come from Italy.



Clothes look better when you feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing underneath.  Cosabella an Italian brand offers a signature stretch lace proven to provide comfort and beauty. You may be the only one to know what you are wearing, yet you will be exhuming confidence as nothing underneath shows. No more panty lines that can ruin even the most stylish of clothes. By the way, Cosabella means, beautiful thing.

never say never cosabella


My favorite is the Never Never say, Papyrus bootie thong. You can pair it with an adorable matching bra for total no show effect. For hot summer nights, or just warm nights (can I hear it from the menopause group?), you will keep your cool. You’re never too old to be comfortable, ‘stylish’ and sexy.