Lush Spa Treatment

Lush’s spa treatment in Bath U.K., is a home away from home. Step through the doorway, you transcend to a time and place devoted entirely to you. I sat down at a dining room table across from Hollie Owen, for a spa treatment consultation. A glass of water infused with herbs and citrus and eloquently poured as she explained the nuance of what “Hard Days Night” treatment will involve. Her last words were “At the end, I will repeat a mantra to you and you, are to meditate on those words until you hear a rooster crow. At that point, take all the time you need to dress.” I walked into the room and beheld a pair of pajamas warmed by a hot bottle, warm sheets and an aroma that only Lush can provide. The massage itself was like dancing without trying as the music and movements intertwined. Hollie spoke little, as I listened to an interpretation of Liverpool and the sounds of the seaport and imagined the Beatles. In the end, Hollie whispered “Let it Be, Let it Be”, and I was left to ponder, and repeat those three little words. Yes, time had stood still, and I felt as though I was ten years old again, with dreams of marrying Paul McCartney., I am quite happy to be married to who I am! This experience should be to on your list when you visit a city that offers a spa at Lush. After dressing, Hollie met me for tea and biscuits to ask me how the treatment felt. She also presented me with a special edition of a bath bomb called “Let it Be.” I used this on the last night in London and watched it explode with entrenched gold waters that were a perfect orange marmalade color. Yes, “Let it Be”.




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